Garden Design

Based in Western Colorado, specializing in cutting edge gardens and landscapes, my main specialties are three, often overlapping: Crevice gardens serve to elevate and host special plants in a novel way, representing natural rocky places. Meadows provide habitat, forage, and beauty, with less input. My native designs save water, money, and effort by uniquely being able to go completely without regular irrigation- the most ecological, economical answer for landscaped areas in the dry American West. Meanwhile they boast a long-term without chemicals, no landscape fabric, while providing beauty to humans and service to wildlife like birds and pollinators- far surpassing that of traditional landscapes.

An unwavering bent for the right plants necessitate having my own small nursery to grow specific species for my work, using innovative net-zero greenhouses. I work primarily in Colorado and nearby on projects both public and private, but also travel nation- and world-wide for special projects.



Crevice Gardens

Crevice gardens are a historical novelty to grow mountain plants that have come in to wider use as features in xeric gardens, and ecological alternatives to retaining walls or the disposal of waste concrete. They evoke the spirit of earth’s rocky places, elevating small plants and needing minimal if skilled maintenance.


Meadows are enjoying new worldwide popularity in the movement to feed and house pollinators as well as replace resource-intensive unused turf-grass. These dynamic and wild gardens bring wildlife back to town, featuring both grasses and flowers. Cutting-edge versions hold promise to provide homeowners and municipalities with massive water and fossil fuel savings.

Native Plant Gardens

Our native landscapes are the vanguard of xeriscape and dry gardening. We can avoid chemicals, landscape fabric, and irrigation systems, as well as the maintenance that goes with them. High water bills and maintenance costs, as well as love for the environment are bringing a growing following to these no-waste and integrated landscapes.

Kenton J. Seth

Kenton is a Grand Junction native, garden writer, seed hunter, garden designer and plant whore. He has a studio art degree and worked in various capacities at a public garden and in nurseries for ten years until he started Paintbrush in 2013, after which he traveled extensively to build over 50 crevice gardens and write a book on them. He lives in Fruita, CO, with a dog and his partner who is a mountain bike and poetry goddess.

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