Paintbrush Gardens, LLC is a my brainchild, a three-year old living experiment.  

We are based out of Grand Junction, Colorado but do work all over the state, creating rain-powered landscapes and lush rock-gardens.  I operate with my hard-working dear friends, Julie, (pictured above) and Ryan in building, designing, consulting, and maintaining garden-landscapes. That makes three art school graduates who are all employed by the way. We also hire other gardening friends from all over the state to help us build our special projects, including adjunct rock pullers Kyle, Ryan D., Jordan, Marla, Paul, Kevin and others.

Lately, we've got Ecologist/Botanist Alicia Langton (USU) helping us embark on saving plants in their native places.  Her greatest expertise is in the famous but tiny and threatened  DeBeque Phacelia.

"The Crew" at the APEX project in Arvada, CO

I'm Kenton,  a Western Colorado native, lifelong gardener and plant nut with a degree in sculpture.  (Wasted degree, shmasted degree.)  I had the pleasure of working for the late great Timberline Gardens near Denver, Chelsea Nursery, and the Western Colorado Botanical Gardens for a total of twelve years before starting Paintbrush Gardens. In the interest of increasing our plant-palette in rock gardens and unirrigated landscapes, I went out into the field to find new plants, which introduced me to the wild world of plant-hunting.

Seeking to learn more about wild plants and their use in the landscape from the best folks in horticulture took me to Asia Minor (Armenia, the Republic of Georgia, and Turkey) as well as the UK and Canada.  In turn, I have had the pleasure of giving lectures in Denver, Salt Lake, North Carolina, British Columbia, and Alberta on the unsurprising topic of (you guessed it) flowers.  I write articles in The Rock Garden Quarterly trying to pay my debt to the North American Rock Garden Society for their magnificent services to plant-lovers the world over.  I also wrote about Crevice Gardens in  Horticulture Magazine, and was totally excited to contribute the the über fun Pith+Vigor Magazine in Boston; check them out. We've also had our work featured in Digger Magazine,(Oregon) as well as The Scoop Magazine (Minnesota). It pays to be a nerd.  Well, it's fun, at least.

We are deeply indebted to our earliest clients, who were brave enough to try something totally new.  With their patience- allowing us to experiment and observe- we've learned surprising things which have proven incredibly useful and created our own special systems and innovations, allowing us to smoothly execute new techniques nowadays.
All these secrets and more are at the flower-worshipping blog:   kentonjseth.blogspot.com

Thanks for visiting Paintbrush Gardens.

Kenton J. Seth
Grand Junction, Colorado

{Ghostwritten by "Peaches."}