Mo Flowers, No Watah.

                                                         Yes, it's possible, a new breed of Xeriscape....

You can in fact have a yard which needs no mowing, watering,  spraying, or weeding. No one will be able to tell your garden is so hands off because it's lush, colorful, and interesting.  Don't believe us?  Read on, or take a look at our portfolio.

If you:
- Are tired of mowing a lawn
- Are tired of having a high water bill
-Don't want the cost of an irrigation system
-Would like to see more birds and butterflies
-Would prefer not to do yard-work when it's hot
-Have an area which needs more life in it
-Have an area you'd like to look nice with little upkeep
-Travel often
-Are tired of pulling weeds

Then this is what our unirrigated Native Landscapes were engineered for and fully achieve.
They are highly flexible in terms of size, colors, cactus types (or no cactus) wild or formal, loud or quiet, almost no maintenance, or low maintenance.  They can also be as lush and colorful as a flower garden, and they can still have shade trees.  Paintbrush's landscapes differ from traditional xeriscapes, which often have drip irrigation. We pride ourselves on building a fully sustainable garden that needs no irrigation, thus removing the complication of a buried water system and fully removing the need for watering. This makes for a space that is much easier to take care of and of course, a more economical one.

This is an ideal solution for:
-Curb Appeal
-Front Yards or side yards
-Bug, Bird, and Wildflower aficionados
-Commercial/Business Landscaping
-Homes in/near the desert or with limited water

This is not  a solution for:
-Vegetable gardening
-Cut-flower gardening
-Turf for sports play

Pet Friendly options are also available.
How are unirrigated landscapes possible? Are they actually pretty?
Take a framed snapshot of any area in the  Colorado National Monument.  The plants in it  survive and thrive with as little rainfall as the city of Grand Junction nearby.  There is no doubt that beauty happens in all of the natural areas of Colorado, even our high, dry desert.   If plants can grow in nature without sprinklers, then they can grow in our yards without them too.  

Despite the good sense in planting a garden that your local weather would support, such engineered landscapes are very rare, except in places like Tucson, AZ where one naturally thinks of rocks and cactus in terms of decor, and even then most of the time the name 'xeriscape' is given to a yard heaped with gravel and a few lone prickly pears.  It is odd how underused the concept is, despite its efficacy. 

There are a number of nonconventional techniques required in planting unwatered landscapes; these we had to invent ourselves at Paintbrush Gardens and are forever finding ways to improve them.  

Paintbrush uses almost exclusively native plants in our designs. This isn't through snobbery (mostly) but because they are the most reliable. What grows best in the wild in your area will grow best in your yard.

Unfortunately, what natives are commonly used have earned a bad reputation because they are misused, normally in the form of not being given enough room  and getting overwatered.

 In fact, we constantly seek out seed for new species and bloodlines of plants to trial for the sole purpose of our unwatered landscapes and crevice gardens, like agave-hunting in Arizona. (pictured)  A very limited selection of plants in the early years has now become a big cast of interesting and high-performing characters which gives our clients a range of aesthetic options.

If this overview of xeric landscapes and what our company does with them has piqued your interest, and if you are seeking something different in terms of your landscaping, just know, alternatives exist to the traditional; they simply require different installation and care. Our business covers a wide range of services from just doing a concept design to full installation of the garden and the ensuing care. Take a look at our portfolio page to see what Paintbrush Gardens can do for you.


Contact us for addresses or directions to see one of our unwatered Native Landscapes in person, like, in Grand Junction:

KAFM 88.1 FM, Community Radio Native Garden, next door to the station at 1301 Ute Ave.

Woodstove Warehouse, 946 S 7th St

The Rauch's (Private home) 2449 Applewood Pl.

{Ghostwritten by "Peaches."}