Here's our work.
Private Crevice Garden, Ft. Collins, CO.

Huntington home Garden, Denver, CO

Unirrigated Private Garden, Grand Junction.
Xeriscapes need not be boring.

Year 1, Rauch unirrigated native garden, featuring sculpture by local artist Lee Baxter.  

Woodstove Warehouse, 946 7th Street, Grand Junction
has incredibly salty soils which even kill sagebrush, so it's where I test plants for saline tolerance.  They also sell great woodstoves and parts, by jove, and know their stuff.

Construction in the Shinn private garden, Ft. Collins

Primroses and Saxifrages were expertly tucked in by Carol Shinn.

Tim Alderton and the start of Crevice Garden at J.C. Raulston Arboretum
Raleigh, NC.
(Perhaps the first crevice garden in the American Southeast?)

 Meyer Rock/Alpine Garden, Denver

(newborn & naked)

Year 2

Meyer Garden, laced withe Crevice Gardens.

"Before:" Western Colorado Botanic

"After:" Western Colorado Botanic

A xeric ( but irrigated) garden featuring ornamental grasses.

Cox "African-Style" Crevice Garden, Denver.

Murdock Cactus & Succulent Rock-Garden,  Month 6. 

Unirrigated Desert Rock Garden, Clifton, CO

Our namesake Paintbrush: Castilleja integra

 Private garden, Ft. Collins, CO
New and unplanted.

1 year on.

Our client liked gardening in the first enough, she had us do an annex, doubling it.  There is just never enough space for all the neat plants one can grow.

Crevice Garden, watered twice-per-month,  Grand Junction, CO

In September 2014, we built a public rock garden in a Denver Suburb.  It is, as far as we know, tied with the Montreal Botanic Gardens for the largest Crevice Garden in the world, by weight: 60 tons of sandstone.  It's at the Simms St. APEX Parks and Rec Center in Arvada, Colorado:
This is the Community Heroes Crevice Garden

Autumn 2014, only shrubs, before the flowers.

It's so big you can see it from space.

1200 plants and 181 species later, it starts to fill in. It is a xeriscape watered every two weeks.

Montrose Botanic Gardens (spring 2015)

Private Rental, low-maintenance and no-water landscape, year 2, Grand Junction, CO

Private unirrigated garden which diverts rain water away from Adobe home and into the landscape. With pollinator-attracting flowers. Grand Junction, CO

Lastly, we just finished the KAFM 88.1  Native Garden in summer 2015  It's our local community radio station's adjacent lot.  It was designed to attract wildlife and create small ecosystems without irrigation.  There, we get to experiment with even more species of natives, especially those in unwatered crevice gardens.  On the curb, this is essentially Grand Junction's first public crevice garden.

There is no space too small for a little crevice garden.  
Private home,Grand Junction, CO
(soon to be full of hedgehog cacti the owner collects)

Crevice garden  to host rare plants retrofitted into a 20-year old excellent rock garden. Littleton, CO

I helped place the stone in the Alpine house at the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens' Education Center in Vail, CO.   It is a porous tufa stone which promises to grow extraordinary flowers.