Does Paintbrush do free estimates?
Yes. I'll come out for a free site visit, within Colorado, then provide you with a proposal and bid.  Outside of the state is possible and can be arranged.

Does Paintbrush warranty their plants or landscapes?
Yes, we cover plant lives for their first 12 months, replacing them with the same or better in number and quality.  If we are in charge of care beyond that period, we guarantee plants throughout that time, too.

Does Paintbrush build UFO landing strips?
Give us dimensions.

Does Paintbrush tend to underbid or overbid?
We aim to bid for a bit over what we'd expect so you aren't surprised by a bigger bill than the estimate. About half the time we come out less than our estimate.  Should unforseen circumstances make the job more expensive, (this can happen, like buried surprises) we will tell you as soon as we know about it and let you decide if you want us to continue as planned (to a higher cost) or adjust the job to finish under the bid.  We can create designs to work within a given budget, too.

Is Paintbrush's work more or less expensive than average for landscaping?
Lucky for us, the recycling- and local-oriented style tends to keep us measurably cheaper than the average landscape bid.  We don't have anyone to compare ourselves to with Crevice gardens, but relative to other garden elements, Crevice Gardens are indeed expensive, like a waterfall or statue etc.  But the stone is guaranteed to outlive us all!

Does Paintbrush install lawns, waterfalls, fences, or patios?
Lawns?  What's a lawn? Only if you bake us a pie. Waterfalls and patios- maybe.  If there is a better specialist out there for your specific situation, we'll refer you  to them or sub-contract them.  We will agree to do what we can do efficiently and economically.  We have nascent research and development going now for future years' novel services: greenwalls and greenroofs.  

Is Paintbrush a fly-by-night, have-shovel-will-travel cheap operation?
We like to travel, we do have shovels, but we've been in business for three years, feeding ourselves, and haven't been chased out of town even once.  Maybe it's because we have the pitchforks?  The cutting-edge nature of our work means we come back to visit our work frequently to see if it is doing what it's meant to do, and tend to make free adjustments to "dial in" a landscape to the right, long-term, direction.

Oh yes, and we are cheap.  Frugal.  No company uniforms until the thrift stores run out of shirts with band names on them.   Just try to put an artist into a uniform anyway; like giving a bath to a cat.

Is Paintbrush insured?
We carry insurance and protect our employees with worker's compensation.  

What's with the flamingoes?
What flamingoes?